Baek Ma Ri is singing and playing her guitar at her aunt's (Ha Na Bi) cafe. Na Bi is talking with one of her employees when she catches a sweet scent blood of a person. She sees Jae Min when she looks around to see where it's coming from. Jae Min sees Ma Ri performing on the stage and watches her. Her mom, Oh Ro Rah asks him if he's waiting for her. She then notices that Jae Min's attention is glued on the performer (Ma Ri). She asks him if he knows the performer since she looks pretty cool. But, Jae Min ignores and just walks out on her. Ro Rah then says goodbye to Na Bi and runs off to Jae Min.

After the performance Na Bi and Ma Ri sits outside the cafe. Na Bi gives Ma Ri a freshly killed warm blood to drink. She then asks Ma Ri if there's something wrong since Ma Ri is looking pretty down. Ma Ri says that she is frustrated since her parents are thinking of moving to another place again. Na Bi says that Ma Ri can't help it since they're many of them on her families in comparison to her who is living alone. Two of Na Bi's friends comes in to her cafe. They asks who Ma Ri is and Na Bi tells them that she is her niece. They asks if Ma Ri is also a vampire, Na Bi says yes. Na Bi tells Ma Ri that she told her friends that she is a vampire since she is tired pretending to be human. Her friends were taken aback before but they accepted on she is and stay beside her after that. Ma Ri couldn't believe her aunt and says that Na Bi is living in a different world. Her aunt replies that Ma Ri should stop thinking that humans and vampires could never be friends since the world has already changed. Na Bi tells her that Ma Ri should start making friends to some people who can truly understand her. Ma Ri replies that she is fine without them. When Ma Ri is leaving, she sees her aunt catering her two friends. Ma Ri is thinking that she is pretty sure that Na Bi's friends are mocking her when they're themselves. That night, Ma Ri dreams of herself when she was young running off towards the other children. When the other children looks back on her, they asks her if she is a vampire. They also tells her to not come any closer to them and that she's a disgusting being. Telling her that she is a "monster" and she needs to get away from them. Ma Ri wakes up on her dream and is panting.

Chap 09


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