Ha Na Bi, the aunt of Baek Ma Ri and Toto both appeared on this chapter. Na Bi with Toto, goes inside Ma Ri's classroom and finds her sitting with her face down on her desk with a fever. Na Bi invited Ma Ri to have lunch outside the school building.

While sitting outside of the school, Ma Ri drink the pig's blood that is brought to her by her aunt. Her aunt is asking her on how her life on school and if she already made some friends. Ma Ri said that she doesn't need to have "those things (friends)". Na Bi says to Ma Ri that she only has one year left before she graduate so she should make friends and enjoy her life. Ma Ri mention to her aunt on how she lose herself when she is really hungry or have smell the sweet blood of a person. Na Bi tell Ma Ri that she is also like that on her younger years and it is truly hard to control oneself when there's a person who has a sweet blood appear infront of her. Na Bi just tell Ma Ri to not worry about sucking anyone's blood since Ma Ri is always grinding her teeth and there will be no single drop of blood will come out if she doesn't bite with an intent. Ma Ri then ask her aunt if she has ever drink a human blood. Her aunt said that she hasn't drink any and tell her that maybe the human's blood taste good since once a vampire tasted it, they will become addicted on it, have painful withdrawal symptoms if they choose to stop, and will get a great long-term side-effects afterwards. Ma Ri's aunt is leaving out of school together with Toto, she reminds Ma Ri to don't forget her performance on the weekend. When Na Bi left, Ma Ri thought of Jung Jae Min's neck and became curious on how does his blood taste like. She then later on dismiss that thinking, telling herself to just forget about it.

Chap 04

Scene has changed with Jae Min, playing with the ball by the rooftop. He is throwing the ball on the opposite side of the wall and catching it. He is thinking about Ma Ri's behavior. Asking himself if Ma Ri is a psycho who does things to him randomnly (like hugging him) and pretends to not knowing about it afterwards. He claims that Ma Ri is a weird person, and he is wielder.

Chap 04b

Another scene change with Ma Ri throwing the garbage. A soda can rolled to the floor. When Ma Ri pick it up, she notice the "Band Club" sign on the wall.


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