Baek Joseph
Baek joseph






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Baek Joseph is the little brother of the main protagonist.


Joseph has a pale complexion and has black hair with a fringe at the front. He has a chibi like face and he is considered cute. He is also very short but that's because he is just a little kid in kindergarten. He has a carefree expression on his face and can sometimes say the cutest things. He has a small triangle nose and most of the time, he has no mouth. (his mouth is only shown when he is sucking blood from mice or when he is laughing or smiling or when he is talking). He has two black small eyes that are followed by two eyebrows. He is absolutely adorable.


Baek Joseph is cute little bundle of joy. He is known for sniffing out mice and sucking them dry of their blood. Then later showing the shrivelled up body to other people. He is quite pale and shown to be care free. He doesn't always have an emotion on his face but when something bad happens to someone he loves(when Mira when through tough times) he would spill out his emotions.He doesn't mind getting caught trying to suck someone's, or something's, blood, he just wants blood; in other words he's ecstatic.


Baek Joseph doesn't have any history, he is only 5 so he hasn't lived in this world long enough for him to make history yet.


Joseph doesn't have any relationships. However there is a girl at his kindergarten that finds interest in Joseph, so she has a huge crush on him but Joseph is too busy with mice to care. But he does acknowledge her sometimes. He also has a relationship with his mother and father but this relationship is strictly family. He has his sister Ma Ri, which he shows to love but annoy at the same time, and have a close bond in general with his family but strictly only his family.


Sense of Smell

  • Joseph has a heightened sense of smell. This is a typical trait of a vampire. He sniffs out Jae Min at the cafe when he is stalking Ma Ri, blowing Jae Min's cover.</li>

    Apart from his sense of smell Joseph's abilities are unknown of yet although he is a vampire.